Spa Consulting Services

Business Creation

With a focus on the customer journey and delivering outstanding customer experiences my business creative services cover:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Wellness Concept Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Customer Journey Design
  • Signature Treatment Creation
  • Treatment Menu Creation
  • Recruitment Management
  • Launch planning, PR & event mangement

My services are tailored to serve your business goals, to help you refine your vision and bring it to life.

Ensuring Excellence

To ensure excellence in your business it is essential to monitor service delivery and a detailed independant assesment of quality and the customer journey is the ideal way to see your business from the customers perspective. With the bonus of the informed expertise of an experienced industry professional.

I have developed two totally unique services to empower Spa mangement with the insights they need to monitor performance and identifiy areas for improvement or praise.

 These services take ‘mystery shopping’ to the next level and emcompass the client’s every possible perception of your business from first google to post treatment glow.


  • Review website usability and digital accessibility
  • Assess brand impression and impact
  • Check booking process efficacy
  • See behind the treatment room door
  • Assess quality and consistency
  • Review training effectiveness
  • Identify areas of waste or want
  • Analyse the customer experience in depth
  • Find missed opportunities for sales
  • Explore new idea for delighting the client and exceeding expectations
  • Informs performance feedback
  • Provide specific training and relevant staff meetings materials
  • Assists management decisions

The Customer Journey Audit 

An in-depth 200 Touch Point Assessment covering every step of a clients journey for quantiative measure enabling improvements to be tracked.

This includes clear ticklist / scorechart and the top 5 FAST FIX suggestions to make instant improvements.

The Sensory Experience Report critically assessed quality from both the customer and professional point of view according to the main senses of TOUCH, TASTE, SOUND, SIGHT & SMELL.

This offers a framework for in-depth descriptive report, it offers innovative and imaginative suggestions of additions to your existing customer journey to improve the customer’s sensory experiences and take to elevate them to a more transformative level.

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