So ‘Branding’ It’s a word I’m sure you’ve heard of, but what does it really mean and why is it important to your business?

I bet a lot of you may well think ‘Oh branding yes I’ve got that covered! My brother in law did us a lovely logo when we opened 6 years ago!’ well that’s great and it may well be beautiful but what if I told you branding is even more!  That it is also an ongoing process, a message and a tool for you to leverage to attract your dream clients and keep them! Interested now?

Or maybe you know your branding isn’t spot on but it will have ‘to do’ as you get on with the busy work of serving clients and running your business? Well….

I’m here to challenge you this month to take it up a level! Why? Well not only because I’m really into this branding stuff as it plays into my creativity and love of style but because I think it’s massively underrecognized as important and underutilised in our industry, particularly in small business.

The good news is that powerful and beautiful branding can be a powerful and beautiful thing for your business!  A real strength that serves you well and embracing the concept is an opportunity to shine and stand out!

But what do I mean? Well your brand encompasses not only your visual identity of which your logo and colour and fonts play an important part but also your values and the entire ‘experience’ that you deliver. A ‘feeling’ that your clients then associate with you and uniquely you, each time they ‘see your visual identity. It’s your personality, your customer service, your online presence, your interior design, your friendly welcome, your emails, your blogs, your values and your points of difference!

Beauty businesses are two a penny but get your clients to buy into your unique beauty BRAND and they are far more likely to become loyal raving fans because they may be able to get the service somewhere else but they can’t get YOU and by YOU I mean your BRAND!

If you want a magnetising brand that draws attention to attract your idea clients it needs some time and attention and is time well spent both in it’s initial creation and it’s ongoing maintenance! It pays you well to consider what ‘feelings’ you want to evoke with your brand. And it plays right into your values and the journey your clients experience with you.

As we are in the business of delivering amazing ‘experiences’ it even more important to get it right! Especially when trying to stand out on social media! If you want to convert MORE business from social media then your visual branding being consistent and reflecting your overall brand is ESSENTIAL to win people over in the very little time we have to make that first impression!

OK so now you get its important right but where to start? Is what you’ve got serving you well, how can you building on it, improve it and get your brand in line with your vision and shining like a beacon to attract those dream clients and build loyalty in your existing ones?

This month in the member’s club we have the absolutely pleasure of welcoming Brand Stylist Vicki Nicholson who works with women in business creating magnetic brands to get them noticed. She’s worked with many beauty businesses herself and has put together an extra special Masterclass just for us called ‘How to build your Beautiful Beauty Brand’ Not only this but we have Challenge to help you; The 5 day Brand Shape Up! starting the 13th Feb!

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